Reframing the Border: Festival Weekend 11-13 May 2018 

Remote Photo Festival & The Gallery Of Photography

Remote Photo is a festival dedicated to photographers creating work in a remote or rural context. The theme for this year’s festival is Reframing the Border. 

The border in Ireland is one of the most important issues affecting the island of Ireland.  As we approach the centenary of partition, fears that Brexit may lead to the reinstating of physical barriers, only recently viewed as ‘gone forever’,  raises concerns in border communities, across the island of Ireland and in the EU.  

Remote Photo Festival have invited leading artists, broadcasters  creatives, curators, entrepreneurs, historians, politicians and writers to  come together for a series of discussions and events to explore issues affecting the borderlands: past, present and future.


Belfast Photo Festival 17th and 18th June 2017

An excellent, reinvigorating weekend’s mentoring by Amsterdam based GUP magazine’s, Erik Vroons with Claire Gallagher from Ulster University.

Ulster University

 A framed image 32” x 28” from my MFA body of work ’ Assemble’ was acquired by the University of Ulster’s Art Collection in 2016. This image was loaned to the Gallery of Photography, Dublin as part of the exhibition “Reframing the Border” displayed from May to September 2018.

Dear Brian 

We are delighted to have acquired your work for the Ulster University collection. It represents a striking example of the transition of documentary into fine art and deals with great subtlety the sensitive issues of politics, identity and history in the Northern Irish context. 

 Congratulations and best wishes. 


Professor Paul Seawright, Executive Dean, 2016.


My Portfolio ‘Assemble’ reviewed at Belfast Exposed by:

Celia Davies, Director of Photoworks. 

Zelda Cheatle, International Curator and Lecturer.  

Gemma Padley, Journalist.  

Ángel Luis González, Director at Photoireland. 

Ciara Hickey, Curator at Belfast Exposed.   


Four images from my MFA Photography portfolio, ‘ASSEMBLE’, have been chosen by the British Artist and Curator, Sian Bonnell for inclusion in the Pingyao International Photography Festival, September 2016. 

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