Galleries Without Walls

Galleries Without Walls

Gallery of Photography Ireland is delighted to announce new opportunities for practising photographers.
Galleries Without Walls is an exciting collaborative programme that brings together photographers and composers to create audio-visual digital artworks. The artists will then undertake an experimental collaboration with specially selected composers.

Invited Programme - Reframing 100 Artists

Three photographers from our Reframing the Border programme have been invited to collaborate with 3 composers to create new AV works. The artists and composers are selected by the curatorial and programming teams at Gallery of Photography Ireland / Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny / Nerve Centre, Derry~Londonderry. The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate connections between different creative fields, allowing artists to experiment with innovative new formats for presenting their work.

We are calling the programme Galleries Without Walls because we want to break down the barriers that divide creative disciplines and artists from their audiences. We believe the gallery space can be an open, inclusive one, just as the creative process can make space for unexpected connections. The Galleries Without Walls programme is about facilitating that journey of discovery, thinking about how art and its making can be shared in new ways. The finished work will be exhibited online and also in a physical gallery installation. Artists and composers will be paid a fee and supported in the creation and promotion of their work. The costs of minting and marketing an NFT are also covered.

The programme is also supported by: 
Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media
Cooperation with Northern Ireland Funding Scheme



Images by nine contemporary artists are being installed at sites around the borderlands 100 years on from events that marked partition and the formation of Northern Ireland.

Reframing 100 is a month-long installation using billboard sites straddling both sides of the border to feature artists whose work responds to the area. Each of the sites features a contemporary response from artists Enda Bowe, Kate Nolan, Brian Newman, Kevin Fox, Dragana Jurišić, Nigel Swann, Anthony Haughey, Ciaran Dunbar and Seán Hillen. 

This innovative project is a cross-border collaboration between the Nerve Centre in Derry~Londonderry and Gallery of Photography Ireland, building on previous exhibitions The Lost Moment and Field Notes from the Border. It is delivered in partnership with the Nerve Centre’s Making the Future project and Gallery of Photography Ireland’s Reframing the Border project. 

Reframing the Border is a 5-year programme exploring the diverse geographical, psychological and imagined spaces of the borderlands to offer creative insights into the issues affecting border communities.

Niall Kerr, Making the Future Project Manager at the Nerve Centre, said: 

“Making the Future provides opportunities for people to engage with our heritage in new and innovative ways, while using their creativity to use their voice and to have a say. We’re delighted to continue our partnership with the Gallery of Photography Ireland and to work on a cross-border basis on this unique initiative that will help to spark discussion and debate about the impact and legacy of the last 100 years.”

Alongside the billboards, the public is also being invited to share their photos with the projects @Reframing_100 Instagram to create a real-time archive.

Trish Lambe, Director of the Gallery of Photography, said: 

“We are delighted to work with the Nerve Centre on the Reframing 100 project. The @Reframing_100 Instagram will share the artists’ work and invite people to showcase their own photographs to make visible aspects of life and share thoughts on how the last century has shaped and defined our identities and landscapes.”

For more information on how to get involved with the project and to view the work of the artists involved, visit

Field Notes from the Border #3 exhibition tour

Field Notes from the Border #3 presents work by these five contemporary artists working along the border in Ireland. It is part of a series of cross-border exhibitions and engagement programmes curated by the Gallery of Photography, which respond to the anxiety raised by Brexit on both sides of the border.

The show includes new work from Anthony Haughey. His Field Notes from the Border installation responds to the perceived imminent threat of Brexit to peace and stability in Ireland. Video works, photographs and texts reflect on Ireland’s ‘seamless’ border and consider how function, meaning, and effect are often in a state of flux.

Dragana Jurisic’s Fields of Gunnera considers the border from the perspective of a migrant.

Kate Nolan presents new work from her ongoing long-term project, Lacuna. First premiered in 2017, the work has been developed through the artist’s engagement with border communities from Donegal to Carlingford.

Kevin Fox’s Drum: Portrait of a Village goes beyond stereotypical representations to reveal the strength and beauty of life in the rural border village of Drum, County Monaghan.

Raymond B Newman’s Unsettled Border reflects on the complexities of Irish histories and the fragility of current political circumstances. It considers the remoteness of intertwined border landscapes where diminishing numbers of Orange Order members strive to secure the fraternities’ isolated meeting places. This installation also features a new film ‘LOL 37’ made in Altnaveigh Orange Lodge on the Armagh/Down border.

Field Notes from the Border is a cross-border collaboration between Gallery of Photography Ireland, Regional Cultural Centre and the Nerve Centre. This showing in Nerve Visual is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Curated by Gallery of Photography Ireland as part of Gallery of Photography’s Reframing the Border programme. Artists Commissions are supported by the Department of Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht and by Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Reconciliation Fund.

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